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Clients experience: My name is Rachael and I bought an e-cycle 2 years ago. Realising that I didn’t need a car, I bought it to be my primary form of transport. It was a great decision - I don’t have any regrets about selling my car. Riding the e-cycle has been hugely advantageous to my health (fitness), budget and it is environmentally friendly too. While the e-cycle makes it easy to get up hills, it still gives me a very light work out when I ride – so it’s invigorating but not tiring! During the time I have owned the e-cycle I have spent only $80 in maintenance - it has only needed three minor repairs in two years! The tyres still have a lot of life left; likewise, the battery isn’t showing any signs of losing power after two years of constant use. While owning the e-cycle I have lived at both The Hill in town and in the suburbs at Charlestown and I have found it easy to use either cycle-ways or alternate roads to the main streets and busy traffic. Buying an e-cycle has been one of the best lifestyle decisions I have made in recent years.